About What is a Debtstroyer Agreement?

A Debtstroyer Agreement is a debt relief solution which can help reduce your minimum repayment amount, freeze your interest and give you more time to pay off your debts in one easy regular repayment – all without having a lasting impact on your credit rating.

Each Debtstroyer Agreement is tailored to suit your individual needs and is based on your personal financial situation. It could allow you to repay a reduced debt amount over a set period of time or you could offer to settle your debts in one lump sum payment. Debtstroyer Agreements are negotiated privately with your creditors so the agreement itself won’t leave a mark on your credit file.

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Benefits How a Debtstroyer Agreement can help you out of bad debt.

A Debtstroyer Agreement can help you out of debt fast. It has minimal consequences and a range of benefits which will help you free yourself from financial stress and hardship.


    A Debtstroyer Agreement will reduce your overall debt amount and could save you thousands through frozen interest and charges*.


    Because it is negotiated privately, a Debtstroyer Agreement won’t appear on your credit rating and your name won’t be listed on the National personal Insolvency Index.


    Each Debtstroyer Agreement is tailored to suit your personal financial situation. It can include one debt or several debts and leave you with a single, manageable repayment.


    It will get the creditors off your back and free you from the stress of harassing phone calls and letters.


    You can own property and vehicles without adhering to a capped value, keep any unexpected windfalls and continue to run or manage a business.


    We take care of everything, from preparing and lodging your documents to creditor negotiations and distributing your payments. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Compare Does a Debtstroyer measure up?

A Debtstroyer Agreement is often used in place of a formal Part IX Debt Agreement or as a way to avoid Bankruptcy. Compare how each of these debt relief solutions will impact your life.

Earning capacity No Restriction A person who is bankrupt can not earn over $53,653.60* a year without making a contribution to creditors. The stress from financial hardship can lead to anxiety or depression which can affect the way you work
Can I own real estate/property? Yes No Home could be repossessed
National Personal Insolvency Index No listing Personal details listed for life Your creditors could declare you bankrupt, having you details listed on the NPII for life.
Applying for a loan No Restriction Can not borrow over $5,447*. You must inform your creditor that you are an undischarged bankrupt. Having several unpaid debts will make it virtually impossible to secure any new finance.
Asset restriction No Restriction Can not own assets with value exceeding set thresholds, Often cars, homes, tools and other valuables must be sold. Even purchasing necessary household items will become difficult as you tighten your belt on spending.
Inheritances and windfalls No Restriction To be distributed to creditors via the bankruptcy trustee Any unexpected windfalls will go straight toward your late repayments to try to reduce late fees.

Am I eligible? Is a Debtstroyer Agreement right for you?


    There are no restrictions on income, as long as there is a small surplus after your living expenses are covered


    There are no restrictions on what assets you can own.

  • DEBT

    There are no restrictions on the amount of debt you owe.


    You can enter a Debtstroyer Agreement regardless of your financial history.

Success Stories What our clients are saying.

I appreciate the work that you’ve done. Thank you for providing this relief.

Ruth, NSW

Thank you to the team for negotiating with my creditors. Have a great day.

Fernando, QLD

Thanks again, we appreciate your assistance more than you can possibly know.

Shari, VIC

The Process

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    Assessment and Preparation

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    Creditor Negotiation

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    Approval and Repayments