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How a Debtstroyer Agreement can help you

A Debtstroyer Agreement has a number of fantastic benefits, making it a preferred debt relief solution for struggling Aussies. A number of benefits are outlined below.

  • It will provide you with a viable alternative to bankruptcy and avoid the limitations that go along with bankruptcy.
  • Debtstroyer negotiates with your creditors on your behalf to reach the best possible outcome for you.
  • You can choose which debts are included in your agreement and you don’t have to include them all.
  • For ongoing arrangements, you only need to make one easy regular payment and Debtstroyer will administer all of the collections and payments of the Debtstroyer Agreement on your behalf.
  • For debt settlements, you only need to make a one-off lump sum payment to satisfy your debts in full.
  • Calls and harassment from creditors cease once they recognise we are working with you to find a solution
  • If you act early your credit file may not be significantly affected
  • In almost all circumstances interest is paused or substantially reduced on the debt you owe.
  • It will allow you to significantly reduce the total amount you would otherwise have to repay to your creditors.
  • The discipline of having one realistic repayment makes it easier to budget your money, allowing you to still afford essential household expenses.
  • By having an administrator of your debts, your creditors are more likely to continue on with negotiations and reach a final settlement.
  • Debtstroyer continues to communicate and negotiate with your creditors throughout the term of the agreement.
  • An administrator will continue to work with you to smooth out your circumstances or possibly help pay your agreement out early.
  • Flexibility when your financial situation improves.

Possible Consequences of a Debtstroyer Agreement

Because of the huge number of benefits, a Debtstroyer Agreement is a preferred debt relief option in Australia. However that isn’t to say there aren’t some things to consider before you consider entering a Debtstroyer Agreement.

  • If you don’t meet the terms of your Debtstroyer Agreement or make your payments in full and on time, the creditors are within their rights to recommence collection proceedings, legal action or bankruptcy.
  • Not all creditors may agree to a negotiated arrangement and therefore may not be included in the Debtstroyer Agreement.
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