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Your credit rating will not necessarily be hurt by your Debtstroyer Agreement as long as you keep up with your debt repayments.

Just about any kind of unsecured debt can be included in a Debtstroyer Agreement. Some common examples of debts that are often included are debts from credit cards, personal loans and tax debts.

Joint debts may be included in a Debtstroyer Agreement, which is why it is essential to figure out you and your partner’s finances and debt situation before signing up.

Direct debit accounts are typically set up to allow you to make one lump sum or regular ongoing payments into the Debtstroyer Trust Account.  Debtstroyer will then distribute the money to all of your creditors on your behalf.

You need to maintain the regular minimum repayments to that creditor.

Yes. A Debtstroyer Agreement may be used in conjunction with a Debtstroyer Home Loan. In this situation, we could negotiate you unsecured debts and consolidate them into your mortgage though a home loan refinance.

Yes. If you are a sole trader and struggling to maintain payments on business debts, a Debtstroyer Agreement may help.

Yes. We may be able to negotiate your tax debts privately with the ATO and reach a more affordable repayment arrangement.

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