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This is Georgina

A single mum who is now able to support her daughters through Uni.

Georgina is a fly in, fly out worker at the mines and supports her two beautiful daughters, Chloe and Chanel, while they are at university.

18 months ago, Georgina and her husband went through a divorce and soon after, her ex-husband declared bankruptcy, leaving her with $47,000 of debt to repay on her own.

Georgina and the girls relocated to be closer to the airport and to the university, but being closer to the city means a higher cost of living. Her ex-husband has also stopped paying child support, making Georgina’s debt unmanageable on her own.

Unable to apply for Centrelink benefits and unwilling to go bankrupt, Georgina applied for a Debtstroyer Agreement.

Debtstroyer was able to put a long term arrangement in place with Georgina’s creditors, freezing the interest and fees and reducing her overall debt amount.

Georgina is now able to manage on her debt and she has enough weekly income left over to support her daughters while they attend university.

This is Joe

A disable pensioner who doesn’t have to struggle through his golden years.

Joe is 63 and is currently enjoying full time employment and living on his own. Joe has very few assets to the value of $2,200.

Joe required an urgent, life-saving surgery and the recovery time of which forced him to give up his job. Being 63 and having a long list of medical issues, Joe found it incredibly hard to find a new job once he had recovered from his procedure.

In the two years that followed Joe was forced to use a credit card to pay for his everyday living expenses and moved in with a friend to save money. He was able to receive the disabled pension, but this wasn’t enough to cover his bills. Unfortunately Joe was left with a $33,000 credit card debt with no means of repaying it.

Joe got in touch with Debtstroyer and after hearing his hardship situation they were able to negotiate with his creditor.

Debtstroyer secured a long term arrangement for Joe which froze his interest and slashed his debt in half. Joe now has 7 years to repay $16,000 which is far more affordable with his current disability pension.

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